The IFRT Event program is designed to offer unique opportunity through a multi-pronged strategy which ensures the event is...

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Attend the Event Workshops and get introduced to opportunities you may only have a vague idea about. Here is your chance to discover a whole new dimension to Food business

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Discover the core idea behind the event and what we wish to achieve this year with this remarkable meet where everyone benefits, learns, explores and shares

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About IFRT

Technology is today the game-changer in retail IFF 2015 features an exclusive arena for technology and online fashion retail. Retail Tech Show 2015 prepares you to score a home run in deploying technology and innovative solutions within your stores, breakthrough applications and features online creating a complete experiential feel. Technology experts and fashion retailers who have imbibed cutting-edge solutions into their retail environments will showcase insights through CEO sessions, Roundtables, Workshops on the future of technology and innovations that will fashion the growth of the fashion industry and lead to new channels of digital reach greater personalization, drive loyalty, and help retailers in digital age success.

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